ABBYY is a global leader in the development of document recognition, content capture and language-based technologies and solutions that integrate across the entire information lifecycle. Its flagship product – ABBYY FineReader – is an all-in-one PDF solution, which provides powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to access and modify information locked in paper-based documents and PDF files. Additionally, ABBYY Recognition Server as a document conversion (OCR) server is ideal for those who need automated bulk conversion of paper, image and electronic documents.

Actian is a hybrid data management, analytics and integration company that delivers data as a competitive advantage to thousands of customers worldwide. Through the deployment of innovative hybrid data technologies and solutions Actian ensures that business critical systems can transact and integrate at their very best—on premise, in the cloud or both. Thousands of forward-thinking organizations around the globe trust Actian to help them solve the toughest data challenges to transform how they run their businesses, today and in the future.

Allot network-based visibility, control and security solutions are deployed globally by the world’s leading service providers and enterprises to improve network performance, ensure optimal QoE and deliver value-added security services. Their leading network security solutions achieve unmatched results.

Blue Medora is passionate about IT operational analytics (ITOA) and monitoring. That passion has attracted the cooperation of industry giants like VMware, New Relic, Amazon, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, IBM, Mongo, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle and SAP to this startup from Grand Rapids, Michigan for nearly a decade. They make the best ITOA, APM and cloud management platforms even better by extending their capabilities into every layer of the IT stack. Today, Blue Medora is the leading provider of management packs for VMware’s cloud management platform and plugins for New Relic. And now, they've poured their passion and experience to bring database management into this decade with their SelectStar platform.

Circadence creates innovative cybersecurity solutions that prepare your customers to defeat evolving cyber threats. Circadence's flagship product Project Ares is a gamified, persistent, on-demand training platform that leverages AI to automate and augment cyber warriors of the future in government, enterprise, and academic organizations.

CloudBolt’s hybrid cloud platform centralizes the management of past, present and future technologies into a user-friendly portal that drives self-service, aggregates operational data and reporting, supports automation and promotes cost savings.

Cloudian file and object storage solutions will help solve your customers' biggest capacity storage challenges. They are powerful, easy to use, and proven with enterprise applications worldwide. These solutions will provide your customers with infinite scalability and limitless possibilities.

Enterprises use Cloudistics' on-premises cloud platform to achieve the same simplicity of the public cloud for on-premises applications. Cloudistics integrates hardware, virtualization software, and management software into a single platform. Compute, network, and storage resources are all software-defined and centrally managed from the web. So your customers will no longer need to design clusters, architect volumes, upgrade control software, or manage the hardware. Cloudistics delivers performance faster than a bare metal for your customers' critical on-premise applications.

Cloudgenix has a deep understanding of complex networking issues and designs. They know the only way to truly solve networking issues that surface with next-generation application architectures, rich media, cloud, and SaaS, is to approach the problem top-down with a transformational networking architecture. An architecture that abstracts the complexity of low-level networking rules and configurations away in favor of top-down business policies for applications, sites, performance, security, and compliance. Cloudgenix built the CloudGenix AppFabric™ from the ground up for exactly this purpose.

Datadobi builds software that enables customers to migrate and protect their unstructured data anywhere. Their engineering team implements the latest technologies to build highly sophisticated software that customers trust with their most precious data. Datadobi's DobiMiner Software Suite allows customers to migrate, copy, replicate, restore, and failover file and object data between heterogeneous or in-family NAS, file system, and object storage on-premises or in the cloud. The DobiMiner Software Suite–DobiMigrate, DobiReplicate, and DobiSync– provides the safest, fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to ensure your customers' file and object data is always available.

Redefining IT for a developer-driven world. Diamanti’s bare-metal container platform gives infrastructure architects, IT operations, and application owners the speed, simplicity, efficiency, and control they need to run stateful containerized applications in production. Deploying a container environment yourself can take weeks or even months of installation, integration, and testing. But with Diamanti, customers can deploy a complete container stack in 15 minutes – with compute, networking, storage, Docker, and Kubernetes fully integrated and supported.

The network is the only thing that connects all digital interactions. ExtraHop invented a fundamentally new way to observe and analyze these interactions: real-time stream processing that transforms the network into a comprehensive, uniquely trustworthy source of insight for business, security, and IT. Your customers deserve full visibility into all tiers of their IT environment, as well as the insights that lie untapped in their wire data–insights that can help increase security, drive down costs, optimize efficiency, and improve end-user experience. ExtraHop exists to help customers fully access their wire data and uncover those insights. It really is that simple.

INFINIDAT is the one storage vendor you can turn to for all your customers' storage needs. They deliver enterprise-proven solutions for data storage, data protection, business continuity, and sovereign cloud storage. All of their solutions are based on the same fundamental technology foundation that provides high availability, high performance, and the lowest possible TCO at multi-petabyte scale.

Kaminario is making the autonomous datacenter a reality, letting customers stay focused on scaling their business. Kaminario’s composable data platform delivers the agility, scalability, performance, and economics that global organizations demand to stay competitive in a cloud-first world. Real-time analytics, datacenter automation, and assured data access let customers power their mission critical applications and safeguard their digital ecosystem.

Komprise analyzes, moves and manages data across your customers' storage to give instant savings of 70%+ without any disruption. Plan storage capacity, identify and transparently archive cold data, create a low-cost DR copy, migrate data and shrink backups with Komprise. The modern architecture uses no storage agents, no static stubs, and no changes to the hot data or metadata paths. Komprise creates no storage lock-in, has no scaling limits, requires no dedicated hardware, and is priced at a fraction of the alternatives.

Macrium Reflect is an image-based backup and cloning software that creates an accurate and reliable image of a hard disk or the partitions on the disk. In the event of a partial or complete system loss, customers can use this image to restore the entire disk, one or more partitions, or even individual files and folders. Using Macrium Reflect customers can back up whole partitions or individual files and folders into a single compressed, mountable archive file.

Mojo is revolutionizing WiFi through the power of the cloud and open standards. They liberate networks from proprietary hardware and utilize the full power of the cloud to deliver cognitive WiFi: a self-driving network that makes things remarkably simple and reliable at a massive scale. Mojo Networks' innovations empower IT with better user experiences, more options and more velocity, all at much lower costs.

Nexsan products are “purpose built” rather than general purpose. That means product design starts by understanding the diverse workloads in users’ environments. And because these workloads vary, Nexsan offers a broad line where each product has clear intent and exceptional value. The ultimate expression of Nexsan's commitment to purpose-built storage is their new Unified Storage – adding capabilities to their award-winning unified storage that transform storage from a routine requirement into a business advantage with optional data archiving allowing savings with primary storage offload and unmatched security and standards compliance.

If your customers require cost-effective block storage for backup, databases or Exchange, scalable and highly-flexible NAS file systems or secure archiving, we invite you to consider Nexsan. Purpose-built storage with innovation that matters, reliability to let your customers sleep well, and pricing to fit their always-constrained budget.

OneBlox is the industry’s first scale-out object-based appliance to work with NFS and SMB network protocols. Do your customers need more capacity? Simply add drives or OneBlox appliances, creating a seamless cluster architecture–there’s no configuration, no downtime, and no user disruption.

Overland Tandberg is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sphere 3D Corp. Sphere 3D Corp. (NASDAQ: ANY) delivers virtualization and data management technologies that enable workload-optimized solutions. They achieve this through a combination of virtual applications, virtual desktops, virtual storage and physical hyper-converged platforms. They allow organizations to deploy a combination of public, private or hybrid cloud strategies, while backing them up with state-of-the-art storage solutions at an affordable price. With over 500,000 installations worldwide, Overland Tandberg solutions have been deployed globally and are trusted by organizations both large and small in financial services, education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, legal, technology, and a multitude of other industries around the world.

Pivot3 provides easy-to-use and efficient solutions that deliver intelligence and automation to simplify multi-cloud environments. Built on hyperconverged infrastructure, Pivot3’s advanced intelligence engine combines policy-based management, inference and orchestration capabilities, and industry-leading performance to automate management, resource allocation, workload mobility and data placement across hybrid cloud environments so IT can focus on delivering the applications and services that power your customers' businesses. With more than 2,500 customers in 54 countries, and over 18,000 deployments in healthcare, government, transportation, security, entertainment, education, gaming, retail and more, Pivot3 is defining the future of autonomous cloud computing with smarter infrastructure solutions.

From the basic home user to the massive post-production studio or leading IT company, Promise creates innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of highly specific verticals. Promise adapts their products to meet the real-world challenges your customers face every day.

RingLead is committed to creating the most productive, feature-rich and easy-to-use platform to improve lead quality, allowing sales and marketing professionals to operate more effectively.

Whether you need to prospect new leads, standardize contact records, clean your database, append firmographic or demographic information, and/or route leads to target account owners, RingLead’s products and services offer plug and play capabilities that integrate seamlessly into your existing marketing automation and CRM platforms.

SEP is an enterprise backup and disaster recovery solution for today’s discerning computer environments. Supporting the widest range of operating systems and databases, SEP offers a single solution to manage heterogeneous environments of any size.

SEP is the perfect solution for IT professionals tasked with managing enterprise-wide backup and recovery processes. Its ease of use allows for complete control of all data in the most complex of IT environments. SEP’s small footprint lends itself to an incredibly simple installation and can be integrated into any system in a matter of hours.

Tintri's file system–the foundation of any storage system–was built by the team that created ESX server. They have removed the constraints of legacy storage–no LUNs, volumes, block protocols, and more. Tintri has a deeper understanding of, and deeper integration with, your customers' entire virtualization ecosystem. And so only Tintri can Automate across their infrastructure, predict every need 18 months into the future, speed up development and test cycles, see inside every individual virtual machine, guarantee performance for every application, and recover data in seconds to avoid disaster.

TouchCast Pitch harnesses the power of AI to turn boring presentations into engaging experiences that are impossible to forget. Whether your customers use Macs or PCs, Skype, GotoWebinar or Zoom, Pitch will help them create memorable presentations that will move their audiences to take action.

Turbonomic workload automation for hybrid cloud environments delivers enterprise organizations with automation that enables on-premises and public cloud to self-manage in real-time, thereby assuring application performance while lowering cost and maintaining compliance with business policies. The platform matches workload demand to infrastructure supply, helping customers maintain a continuous state of application health.

Vexata powers today's cognitive era applications driving predictive analytics and autonomous decisions. Based on a patented active data architecture, Vexata’s Scalable NVMe Flash Storage unlocks the full potential of today’s advanced solid-state media. The result is transformative performance with breakthrough economics enabling machine learning and artificial intelligence infrastructure to operate at scale.

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